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Explosive, Dynamic, Yet Melodic, Good Time Blues-Rock!!

Smarten Up! Live at the Smiling Budda

The Blues Got the World by the Balls

An appropriate song for the times. written by that Canadian Treasure Bruce Cockburn that we had fun covering

We're Featuring Clips of Four New Exciting Originals

Trail's End

Barking Dog

Kitchen Floor

Smarten Up!

A song written around one of Bonnie Parker's poems ( Bonnie and Clyde)

A surrealistic adventure, we're in the process of animating 

A cool shuffle leading into a situation most bicyclists, letter carriers and people just walking around can relate to.

A An epic tune, Spanish Tinge, Always gets a great response

A reaction to Trump

We're making a 3D &2D animated video for our song Trail's End. This is a Teaser Clip

Hey Peter Tosh ( We Legalized it)
A rough version of a Pot Anthem, celebrating Marijuana Legalization

Song Montage

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