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We're the Red Clay Rebels ( Not those kind of rebels )

Musical rebels providing the 2021 version of a  musical style pioneered by The Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd.

                A style a lot of people still appreciate.

Dynamic, yet melodic, guitar driven, by a jedi guitar master!

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Trail's End

A Song written around one of Bonnie Parker's Poems
( Bonnie & Clyde)
A Surrealistic Adventure!

Not my Cross to Bear


Allman Bros. cover

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Heavy Tune for Heavy Times

Red Clay Rebel's On The Kitchen Floor   Music written and Video   produced by our fallen friend and bandmate Trevor Lloyd .This will be kept up so that folks can understand what a talent we have lost!

Full Song available on Spotify 4, 20, 2020  Sound recorded at DC Music Toronto and Video Production/Post-Production by Tonto Graphics

Dam Right I've Got the Blues

We're Back !! With a Hard Blues cover of a great Buddy Guy Tune!

Cover of the Allman Brothers Classic!

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Cover of A song written by one of our favorite guys Seasick Steve


Cover of a song written by the Great Colin James


Smarten Up!  


A reaction to the currant political state!

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