Red Clay Rebels

We're the Red Clay Rebels ( Not those kind of rebels )

Musical rebels providing the 2019 version of a  musical style pioneered by The Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd.

                A style a lot of people still appreciate.

Dynamic, yet melodic, guitar driven, by a couple of jedi guitar masters!

Trail's End

Heavy Tune for Heavy Times

Red Clay Rebel's On The Kitchen Floor Full Song available on Spotify 4, 20, 2020 Feel's like a Summer of 2020 anthem! Sound recorded at DC Music Toronto and Video Production/Post-Production by Tonto Graphics

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A Song written around one of Bonnie Parker's Poems
( Bonnie & Clyde)
A Surrealistic Adventure!

Cover of the Allman Brothers Classic!

Cover of A song written by one of our favorite guys Seasick Steve

Cover of a song written by the Great Colin James

Smarten Up!  

A reaction to the currant political state!